iPhoneXdrive software allows you to use your iPhone as an external hard drive. All you need to do is download the software and plug your iPhone into the computer. All file types can be transferred to and from your device.

Try it! iPhoneXdrive will always be FREE! Version: 2.0 (beta)
Size: 3.10 MB
System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
License: Free


You’re about to save an important document on your disk-on-key only to find that you have run out of space. Or you arrive at an important meeting with no files to present as you forgot your USB at home. The one thing you’re sure never to forget is your iPhone. You can now take advantage of this fact by turning your iPhone into an external hard drive with iPhoneXdrive, making sure you’re never without backup or forget those all-important files again. And the added bonus, you don’t need to carry yet another object around with you.

Icons and Cursors

Ease of Use

Ever wished that you could store files to and from your iPhone by just dragging and dropping files from your computer? Now you can with iPhoneXdrive, which converts your iPhone into a Windows-like system where you can create folders, organize content and store any file type by dragging and dropping as you please.


Supported File Types

iPhoneXdrive supports all file types, from music, videos and photos, to office files, such as Word and Excel files, and more, making sure that all your entertainment and work needs are on hand in a few easy steps. The app will also allow you to store large files, as long as you have enough free space for it on your device.

Advanced Editor

Anywhere, Any Time

Since the application is downloadable and you can find it anywhere, it is easy install it on any computer any time so you can see your files and use them wherever you are. It is a quick install and no special settings or definitions are necessary to make it work for you.

Icons and Cursors

100% Safe

If you download iPhoneXdrive from this website, you can be sure that it is safe to use and totally virus free. Your file is stored on your device. It is not a cloud of any kind so your files are not out there to the world. This is a much safer and better way to transfer your files.